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Stock Brisket Burger


A in house ground blend of beef and ground brisket mixed with a secret blend of spices, smoked over hickory and grilled to order over butter.

Bread Choice:Cornmeal dusted bun Onion bit bun Texas Toast Hoagie Bun No bread
Performance Mods:Merican Cheese +$0.25Cheddar Cheese Sauce +$0.25Swiss Cheese +$0.25Provolone Cheese +$0.25Pepper Jack +$0.25Dill Pickle Chips +$0.50Onion Slices +$0.50Grilled Onions +$0.50Bacon +$0.50Maple Glaze +$0.10Ranch Dressing +$0.10Extra Bootleg BBQ Sauce +$0.10Ketchup +$0.10Mustard +$0.10Hot Sauce +$0.10
Stock Burger Add On Meat:Brisket (3oz) +$3Pulled Pork (3oz) +$2Pulled Chicken (3oz) +$2Burnt Ends (3oz) +$4Ham (3oz) +$3Turkey (3oz) +$3
Choice of side:Pit Beans Mac & Cheese Coleslaw Seasoned Butter Fries Tater Salad