Mr. And Mrs. Barbecue

Embedded in Warsaw Then and Now

The Warsaw, Truman Lake and the Lake of the Ozark area is riddled in history. The history of Missing Link Bootleg BBQ was born in that rich heritage. For years our family has been part of the community. What began as just a vision of being home and taking part in the festivities and enjoying the moonshine culture that was embedded in Warsaw then and now. The original Ozark sauce recipe born in rural Warsaw area included Ozark outlaw moonshine. The original marketing of the brand was a bootleg and word of mouth.

As the name grew it became more popular among its circle. Missing Link Bootleg BBQ made its debut at the local mud runs. It was there that it adopted the term Missing Link. A term that racers would use on talking about that new adjustment that would make the difference. In 2018 the official name changed from Pinky Burger Outlaw BBQ to its current name.